*HOT DEAL 2 For $90* 🧊 Ice-28 Grams (AA+)


*HOT DEAL 2 For $90* 🧊 Ice-28 Grams (AA+)

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Out of stock

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 20%, CBD: 1%

Ice is a near-even balance of sativa and indica genes, a descendant of Skunk, Northern Lights, Shiva, and an Afghani landrace (sativa/indica ratio 50:50). This strain, which is often confused with Ice Cream, won the 1998 Cannabis Cup as a hybrid. It has high THC levels, exceeding 20% in available samples, and that makes for a very potent, euphoric high that delivers a dramatic mood boost, an energetic kick, and a shot of creativity. The effects are simultaneously lazy and focused. Ice can be used to treat anxiety, chronic pain, sleeplessness, everyday stress, and lack of appetite. It shouldn’t be used as the only form of treatment for seizure disorders, however, or for other conditions that respond to CBD, as Ice has little of that chemical. There are chemical notes to the flavor and aroma of this strain, as well as sweet-and-sour hints of citrus and other fruit. Dry mouth and red eyes are the most widely reported negative effects, while headaches, paranoia, and dizziness are also possible. Ice is a popular, effective choice on and off the legal medical marijuana markets, but it sells best in Washington, Oregon, Arizona, and Massachusetts.


3 reviews for *HOT DEAL 2 For $90* 🧊 Ice-28 Grams (AA+)

  1. Garrett Banks (verified owner)

    I’ve been hoping for a return of the Ice Wreck but this is just as awesome. Super slinky and dank as fuck. AAAA quality.

  2. Nicole Valliere (verified owner)

    Super dense crystal-ly nugs and smells amazing.. if I remember to update this in 15mins after I’ve had a puff I’ll write more!
    *update, an amount of minutes later* very smooth burn, good taste. Very experienced smoker but this hits nice, super relaxing. By far my favourite I’ve gotten

  3. Nicholas Tulk (verified owner)

    Actually ! I changed my mind it’s better than I thought. Busted up another big nug and I got the taste of the famous icewreck these guys keep giving out. It’s insane the quality of this cannabis for the price! So awesome guys , been a tough day so I really appreciate awesome cannabis ! Keep up the fantastic work <3 this ounce is forsure worth your monies !

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