(NEW) 💎 White Dream-28g *AAA* (LONDON AREA ONLY)


(NEW) 💎 White Dream-28g *AAA* (LONDON AREA ONLY)

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White DreamAbout White Dream

White Dream is practically a dream in itself, as this powerfully potent strain has a mysterious background and is even harder to find at your local dispensary. Unknown breeders have crossed White Widow and Blue Dream to pack a punch of THC into this hybrid beauty. Despite an undisclosed ratio, users are certain this is a sativa-dominant strain and is strongly recommended for experienced smokers onlyWhen you want to get really good and high, White Dream should be your go-to. THC levels have been reported up to 24%, making this strain one that hits you hard and fast. Nugs are super compact and dense with a light orange color that’s not seen too often. An almost soft looking set of pistils and sticky resin complete each nug of White Dream. Since it’s a tough strain to come by, flavor profiles can be a bit vague. It certainly brings an earthy pine fragrance into the mix with a sweet citrus tone as well. What people mostly can’t stop talking about, however, is the high.



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