2 Cans for $170 – Add 2 tuna cans of choice to cart, discount will apply at checkout


2 Cans for $170 – Add 2 tuna cans of choice to cart, discount will apply at checkout

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Select your choice of Tuna Cans (14 Grams per can) from “TOP SHELF QUALITY“. All Tuna Cans are QUAD quality and produced and shipped from British Columbia.

Go to FLOWER page and add 2 TUNA CANS STRAINS of choice to cart,  discount will apply at checkout

ex Chem Dawg  14g, Recon 14g add it to cart and discount will apply at checkout




5 reviews for 2 Cans for $170 – Add 2 tuna cans of choice to cart, discount will apply at checkout

  1. Relaxin (verified owner)

    Pickup up og fire and roumulin .price for 4star buds from b.c .in store runs 340 for what I got ,way cool deal.driver was presentable,quick.i have tried the og fire and just a couple bowls and stepped out for dinner.clean,super nice buz ,good for really anytime.concerts,camping.just saying,40yrs plus ralxin? big solid buds,

  2. Relaxin (verified owner)

    Picked up purple God father today.nice solid buds,solid smoke with a heavy hit.this means couch lock.dont let the yellow can fool you.its nicely packed,great count.i pulled a bud of this pgf and it was huge.air tight,nicely dried.i also picked up the “staffers choice” ice bomb and yet to try,.4star for less then 2 Brown bills. Shit it maybe my regular go to for service.

  3. Chris Swain (verified owner)

    I wondered when first laying eyes on the Tuna cans how 14 g’s fit in each can but low and behold when first opening the Godfather Purple I soon found 14 solid airtight buds . The same for my 2nd one the Pink Deathstar. I’ve only just tried the Godfather Purple and half way through my 1 g joint I didn’t think it was hitting me that much but then as I continued on and finished the joint it sent me into relax daydream mode. Great Bud can’t wait to try the Pink Deathstar. The service out of Weed the Best is 2nd to none as well. I placed my order at 4 AM and they called me at 12 PM sharp and I asked if he would wait while I went to a ATM and back. Just 20 minutes later he was at my door handing me my order. Don’t go to those government taxed brick & mortar stores , even if you get under the $200 the $15 delivery charge is much much cheaper than those places . The Bud here is bomb and the service is quick.

  4. Julian (verified owner)

    Amazing quality, fast reliable delivery, cant ask for me much better!!

  5. Roseen Pocza

    Super service, phoned in morning and got delivery before noon. Ordered 2 cans which gave me the option of trying two different strains. Sour diesel and jack herer. Both lived up to their description and were fresh and smelled great. I paid delivery and after receiving order realized if I would have put 10 more dollars in getting an extra product I would have had free delivery and been able to try another item. Will remember to do this Next time , very pleased and definitely will order again.

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