*LOW STOCK SPECIAL* Berry Blast- 28Grams (AA+)


*LOW STOCK SPECIAL* Berry Blast- 28Grams (AA+)

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Out of stock


THC: 17% – 22%

Berry Blast, is a rare indica dominant hybrid strain of unknown origins that is said to be the Old School original cut of Berry OG. Although this can’t be confirmed, Berry Blast is one tasty bud that you need to try at least once in your lifetime. This bud brings on the delicious berry flavors, blending sweet raspberries and fresh blackberries with rich blueberries for a flavor explosion that will leave you begging for more. The aroma takes on a slightly more mellow effect, with a berry overtone that’s accented by a touch of kush and earth. Don’t let the flavor fool you into having too much – with its high average THC level of 17-22%, this tasty bud can quickly overwhelm you if you’re not careful. The high comes on pretty quickly, infusing you with a euphoric boost that fills you with happiness and leaves you feeling giggly and outgoing. You’ll feel an increase in creativity in this state, which is countered beautifully by a happy relaxation.


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